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Our Bernedoodles:

We breed standard size bernedoodles and usually end up to be around 60 to 75 pounds. The puppies are curious but generally have lower energy and just like to go with the flow. They are quick learners and love attention. - $1,650 - $1,950 depending on color and markings. 

Family Pets 

Bernedoodles are companion dogs to a T. They inherit the intelligence from the poodle parent and the charming, goofy, happy go lucky temperament from the Bernese Mountain dog parent. They are the happiest when with their families and love to play with children. Both playtime and cuddle fests are very important to them. These fluffy hybrid dogs have the trainability of the poodle and the laid back yet incredibly loyal nature of the Bernese.

Doodle Coats

Bernedoodle coats can vary and be either more wavy and curly like the poodle or straighter coats and closer resemble the Bernese. Generally, the more curly the coat the more hypoallergenic they will be. The thickness of their coats helps keep them warm in the winter while also providing more protection from the heat in the summer months. It is suggested to brush them once a day and that can be used as a bonding experience and they will probably need to be trimmed every few months depending on how fast their coats grow. They come in a few different colors such as pure black, black with white patterns, brown and black, or black and brown with white patterns.

Activity Levels 

The activity level for Bernedoodles varies but they are typically a moderately active breed. They do love outdoor adventures and will always be happy to join you on a hike or morning jog, but they do not need extensive exercise. They are extremely easy going and will adapt to various lifestyles and activity levels. It is good to crate train your doodle for bedtime and when you leave the house so that it can get used to being separated from the family some and not end up suffering from separation anxiety.


Bernedoodles are a considerably young breed considering the first breeder who claimed to intentionally breed them was in 2003. They do tend to be healthier dogs than their purebred parents due to the diversity of their gene pool. It has said they are the least likely to display any serious health issues. With being such a young breed there is no guarantee, but they should live to be between 12 and 15 years old.

If you are looking for a loyal, playful, companion to add to the family a Bernedoodle is definitely right for you.

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