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Golden Mountain Doodles 

Our Golden Mountain Doodles 

Can’t decide between a goldendoodle or a bernedoodle? It’s a tough decision isn’t it? Both are so sweet and wonderful family dogs. Take it from us, we have both and could never pick a favorite. 


Well now you don’t have to make that choice. Our second litter of Golden Mountain Doodle puppies is here! After years of working towards this goal we are proud to be one of the few breeders in the world to be able to offer this amazing breed. 


These dogs have the classic lovable nature of the golden retriever, the loyalty and affection of the bernese mountain dog, and the easy trainability and low/no shed coats of poodles. 


Feel free to check out this independent article for more information to see if a Golden Mountain Doodle is right for you.


The mother of this litter is Hope, a sweet and calm standard poodle. The father is Henry, one of our first Golden Mountain Dogs. 


Puppies are $2250.  


Puppies come with: 


  • Started on Vaccinations 

  • Dewormed

  • Microchipped 

  • Veterinarian Health Check

  • Two year health guarantee 

  • Lifetime breeder support


As well as:


  • A blanket with the scent of the mother and litter mates for comfort 

  • A collar and a familiar toy 

  • A small bag of puppy food to help you transition to your food of choice 


Safe and trusted shipping is available. 


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